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About me

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I firmly believe that we are fundamentally relational beings, ones that need security, understanding & care above all else.


Real change comes not from trying to fix thinking patterns, self-concepts or the past, but in shifting relational dynamics and finding new ways of being with one another. This is what I focus on in therapy with my clients, and I draw on my background and experience in modern relational psychoanalysis, developmental theory, and in depth study of phenomenology & existential philosophy, to look at what emerges and how that can inform meaningful change in your life.

I have 6 years of experience as a psychotherapist, and I supervise and teach on graduate courses. Through this, I've learned that deep, sustained change is not only possible, it can and will happen when things accord.

I also write. Check out the articles & essays section for some examples. I am also currently working on a book for Confer books based on the relational psyche.

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